How to get started

1. You must be located in the same state in which your physician is licensed to practice medicine. Your physician will ask where you are physically located at the beginning of the video appointment.

2. We suggest that you find a private, comfortable place for the video appointment. A well-lit room is ideal so your physician can see you well.

3. To ensure the best connection possible, we recommend the use of high quality Wi-Fi (public and guest networks can be less reliable) or 4G/LTE data.

4. Check your device to ensure you have adequate volume and battery power. 

5. Check settings in your device. Allow TouchCare to access:

          a. Location (allows you to connect with your physician)

          b. Microphone (hear and be heard)

          c. Camera (see and be seen)

          d. Notifications (we'll send you an appointment reminder)

          e. Photos (if you would like to send your physician an existing photo. 

          f. Use cellular data (if no connected to wi-fi)

6. Sign into the TouchCare app before the appointment and get comfortable. After you tap, "Check In," you will connect in few moments. If you have not connected after 3 minutes, we suggest you call your doctor's office. 

7. Make sure you have a secure password and that you change it frequently. Keep your device in a secure location. 

8. You may access your profile screen by tapping the icon in the upper right of the app screen. You can change profile information such as password. The logout window is location at the bottom right of the profile screen.

9. Should you need technical assistance at any time, please call our customer support team at 800.900.5039 (Monday - Friday, 9am-8pm EST). 

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately. TouchCare is not for emergencies.

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