How to manage On Demand Appointment requests

With TouchCare's On Demand scheduling function, patients can request urgent care video call appointments. Respond to each request by reviewing its details then scheduling an appointment or declining.

Locate On DemandAppointment Requests

If you receive a request that appears to be an emergency or cannot be handled via telemedicine, please immediately:

  1. Click Full Details and locate the patient's phone number
  2. Call the patient directly

Respond to each request:

  1. Review the summary and click "Full Details" to learn more about the request
  2. Schedule an appointment or decline the request

Schedule an appointment

The "Schedule Appointment" form appears. Now complete the fields:

Complete the Provider and Patient or Colleague fields

1. Patient: Prefilled based on the request.

2. Provider: Add the provider(s) who will see the patient or colleague. Type the first few letters of the provider's name. A dropdown appears with names that include those letters. Use the up and down arrow keys and then hit enter to select the provider, or select their name with your mouse. Add all the providers the patient will meet with. <IS THIS ACCURATE? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF BEING ABLE TO ADD MULTIPLE PROVIDERS?>

The Tab key moves to the next field or button. The Enter key selects the field or button that is highlighted.

Complete the Scheduling fields

The first available date and time are pre-filled.

3. Date:  To change the date, click in the box; in the calendar dropdown select the day for the appointment. Click the triangles to the left and right of the month name to move forward and backward.

4. Time: Click each field and select the hour, minute and AM or PM for the appointment.

5. Preset Duration: Click to select the length of the window of time during which the provider will arrive (for example: in the screenshot above, the time is 4:55pm and duration is 8 minutes. This indicates to the patient that the provider will arrive between 4:55pm and 5:03pm). If you select "Other", the "Other Duration" box appears. Enter the number of minutes.

Select the Fee

Prior to charging fees, a Stripe account must be created and the default fees configured. See Practice Settings > Appointments and Billing.

6. Preset Free: Select the fee to charge the patient or colleague for the video call, or "Free" if there is no charge. If you select "Other", the "Other Fee" box appears. Enter the amount.

Complete the Message field, optionally add an image and Create Appointment

Default Appointment Messages are modified from Practice Settings > Appointments and Billing > Appointment Invite Message > Edit

7. Message:  Quickly add a commonly used message or messages. Use the "Default Appointment Messages" dropdown to select the message(s) to send to the patient or colleague. To add multiple messages, select each message separately; each is added to the Message box in order of selection. You may also modify the default appointment messages after adding them, or type a new message.

8. Add Image: Optionally, add a image or document file to the invitation - for example, educational documents, marketing collateral or a photo of the provider. Click "Add Image" to open your computer's file explorer. Navigate to select the image or document you wish to attach, then click "Open" to add it. The following file types are acceptable: PDF, PNG, GIF, JPG and TIF.

6. Click "Create Appointment"

The appointment is sent as an appointment invitation to the patient or colleague.

Decline a request

The "Decline Request?" form appears. Optionally enter a message, and confirm.

Complete the Message field and confirm

1. Message: Use the pre-filled message, modify the message, or type a new message.

2. Click "Decline request"

The appointment request is removed from the list and the patient is notified in TouchCare.

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