How to schedule an appointment with a patient or colleague

Quickly and easily schedule an appointment with a patient or colleague, right in TouchCare.

The ability to schedule a call is available to provider users of TouchCare <AND ANYTHING ELSE, LIKE DOES SOMETHING NEED TO BE ENABLED? BY THE ADMIN?

Complete the scheduling fields

1. Appointment with: Type the first few letters of the patient/colleague's name. In the filtered list that apperas,  tap to select the correct person. If the patient/colleague does not yet have a TouchCare account, enter their email address and they will be sent an invitation to join.

2. Date and Time: Scroll the wheels to select the day and time for the appointment.

3. Duration: Select the expected number of minutes the appointment will last.

4. Fee for call: Select the amount to charge the patient or colleague for the video call, or "Free" if there is no charge.

5. Message: Type a message to your patient or colleague.

The choices in this section can be modified by your TouchCare practice administrator.

The appointment invitation is sent to the patient and added to your calendar.

Appointment calendar views

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