How to request an appointment

Manage your video call appointments right in TouchCare. This article describes how to request a TouchCare appointment.

If you think you may have a medical emergency, call 911. Do not rely on TouchCare.

Appointment request options

You can request an appointment in TouchCare if your practice has appointment requests enabled. The "Request Appointment" button at the top of TouchCare indicates that appointment requests are enabled. If you don't see the button, request an appointment by calling your practice.

Request an appointment in TouchCare

Share the symptoms being experienced

Optional: Add a photo to illustrate the symptoms

You are invited to add a photo to your appointment in order to give your provider more information about your concern. Choose to take a new photo, or choose an existing photo from your device's photo library.

Share conditions

Optional: Share medications and medication allergies

Review and submit your request

Request an appointment by calling

If a practice does not have appointment requests enabled, call the practice to make an appointment:

When your appointment is scheduled, it appears in your TouchCare appointment calendar.

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